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    Seam 2.0 and RHDS


      I have been following the progress of the Seam releases and the upcoming RHDS. In my opinion these will both be quite revolutionary.

      My question has to do with what will happen with Seam 2.0 and RHDS together.

      It seems ;) that both are nearing completion at a similar time. In particular it looks like Seam 2.0 may be closer to GA than RHDS (JBoss Tools).

      Does this mean that there will be Seam 2.0 support in RHDS?

      According to the comment (posted yesterday!) on this JIRA this may be the case.

      That would be great. I think being able to use the expanded features of Seam 2.0 with a modern development tool like RHDS will GREATLY enhance adoption even further!