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    JMS Messaging

    Melanie Ntolo Newbie

      I need an advice about JMS Messaging.

      I have to make a choice between JMS Messaging and a4j:push to refresh my GUI when an alarm occurs in my system. Which of these two solutions is the best?

      If I choose to implement the JMS Messaging solution of Seam Remoting, I'd like to know if the changes which are planned to be done on the current implementation of JMS Messaging are scheduled for a nearest version.
      In the current documentation of Seam, it is written that JMS Messaging is still in an experimental stage and it is actually not recommended to use it in a production environment.

      In addition, I'd like to know if it possible to add some properties in the message like MessageSelector. If yes, how do I configure it on the
      receiver side? How do I configure a MessageSelector for a jsf page?
      The thing is: The notification of an alarm comes from the server and there are a lot of clients I want to refresh. Users have different permissions, so they
      don't see the same objects. I would like to find a mean to filter the messages on the client side.

      Thanks for help.