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    Hello World and i18n issues

    Emilio Pérez Newbie

      Hello World!

      I'm begining to use Seam for some Web Applications I want to develop, and I have some questions about i18n:

      a) I want to have 2 message bundle levels.
      1.- The first one is a general bundle for all applications (I would use the default "messages" bundle).
      2.- An application specific bundle "myapp_messages".
      When I create an eclipse project i see the messages_[language_code].properties files are in the resources folder and when I deploy it, they're copied to WEB-INF/classes. But components.xml only exists in "WEB-INF". How is the correct way to add the specific bundle? Change the build.xml file to copy the myapp_messges_[lang].properties as well to WEB-INF/classes or move the "messages" bundle to WEB-INF and add a line for that bundle in conponents.xml?

      b) The locale name for Basque Locale ("eu" code) that appears is the spanish name ("vascuence") instead of the Basque name ("Euskara"), and for many basque people "vascuence" sounds offensive. Where should I order to change it? (As it seems to be a JDK issue).

      Thank you and sorry for my poor English.