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    meta http-equiv refresh and JSF/Seam?

    dpocock Newbie

      A Seam page displays some data from an entity bean.

      The database is updated regulary by another process.

      Is it possible for the Seam page to auto-refresh in the browser, and automatically fetch the new data from the database?

      I've observed the following:

      - If the meta tag for refresh is used, the action method that populates the backing bean is never called. <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="30" />

      - If I create a `reload' button on the page, which calls the action, the data does update.

      Is it possible to generate a `refresh' meta-tag that will do the same thing as the JSF commandButton I've used for reload?

      Is there another way to solve this problem using JSF, Seam or Javascript?