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    tasks and pageflow

    cyxs Newbie


      I have the following scenario:

      Two people are working with each other. one ist creating a product, the other one has to calculate the costs and verify it.

      So the first person starts a task for the second one. To lessen the information bound to the task, only an product id is bound to the task (task.variable['productId']).

      This id is successfully transported to the second person.

      Now i try to get the product back from the id. and it is more difficult than I thought

      I view the taskList with the second person and want to switch to a new page through the pageflow-definition. Therefore, I cannot use an expression like #{productAction.select(task.variables['productId']} in the action attribute of the "choose"-Button.

      I added it to the transition in the pageflow-definition, but it tells me, the expression is wrong.

      Is it only a small syntax error or something more high-level i don't yet understand?

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          Pete Muir Master

          Why not use the business process context?

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            cyxs Newbie

            I am actually using the business process. Otherwise it would be hard to transport the productId from one user to the user. The problem is how to combine tasks, workflow definitions and business process variables.

            I experimented a bit further and found out, that the actions defined in my workflows are not executed. Do i have to configure sth.?


            <page name="productEditing" view-id="productEdit.xhtml" action=#{productAction.resetCurrentProduct}>

            I have a logging row in the method and the console does not show anything from it.

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              Pete Muir Master

              action isn't a valid attribute on a page element in a pageflow. And it should be /productEdit.xhtml