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    Sorting Detail data in Master/Detail

    Michael Griffith Newbie


      I have some seam generated pages show master/detail records. If you've used seamgen generate-entities to create entities and pages then you know what I mean. If I have a relationship between 2 tables (A) Status and (B) Deliverables -- I start from the status page viewing a list. This list can be sorted by clicking on the table headers, which re-executes the SQL query passing the order by clause based on the table header.

      However, if I drill down into a single status and you see all the deliverables associated with the selected record, these records appear in a random order.

      Is there an easy way to provide the related child data (Deliverables -- joined or sub-query) in a ordered fashion? The data is loaded from the collection that is part of the master entity, not in a separate SQL query.

      Any help would be appreciated

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