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    RichFaces and login-required="true" in pages.xml

    Justin C Newbie


      There seems to be an issue where if you set login-required="true" against view-id="*" in pages.xml, the colours of the RichFaces components fail to render. There is no error.

      Its easy to replicate, use seam-gen to generate a new project, then go to the url. It looks ok. Then modify the first in pages.xml to add login-required="true":
      <page view-id="*" login-required="true">

      <rule if-outcome="home">
      <redirect view-id="/home.xhtml"/>

      When you reload the app ( I even tried rebuilding), the RichFaces skin has disappeared. You may need to refresh to see this. When you remove the login-required attribute, the skin is back when you reload.

      I found this in Seam 2.0 CR2, and its in CR3 as well. Maybe its a RichFaces issue?

      Do I need to submit a JIRA ticket in Seam or Richfaces?