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    Seam with multiple web pages

    Matt Schrader Newbie

      I am seriously considering moving all of my web applications over to Seam from Struts. I know it is going to be possible to do this, but I wanted to get some thoughts from the experts out there. I have already installed JBoss AS 4.2.2 and installed NetBeans as a Java 5.0 EE Seam development tool. I also have a pretty good idea how to structure a .ear to be used as a singe site deployment. My question relates to having multiple sites with similar structures.

      What I have as a scenario is a central site that I want to be the admin page of sorts. It provides admin capabilites to my organization to update content on various sites. It also should be the access point for the actual pages to dynamically show content.

      So I have multiple pages that get their content from the central application, but I don't want them all deployed in the single .ear. Actually I think the best way to do this is to have one .ear that handles the actual business logic, and multiple wars to simply read data from the central site, and display it to JSPs. So what is the best way that Seam can handle this. I am assuming the outside sites cannot be Seam, or shouldn't be to eliminate code duplication. They won't contain the EJBs and such.

      There are a couple of ways I have thought of to implement this. The central site could either produce xml files and return them to be parsed by the exernal sites which would give the other sites huge control over displaying the content, but would require more logic. Or I could return html formatted components which would reduce flexibility, but make the job easier on the client end.

      Or am I missing something completely and I could do this a much different Seam oriented way. Please post your thoughts, all help is appreciated :)