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    seam log.debug and log.trace

    Terry Apprentice

      I do not get any out by above calls, even though isTraceEnabled and isDebugEnabled tell they are set to true. Anyone got any clues? The log.info() prints ok. Seam 1.2.1GA.

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          Joshua Jackson Master

          You must set your logging level for the console to be DEBUG. The default for JBoss AS is setted to INFO. INFO is higher that DEBUG. So DEBUG levels won't be printed out.

          Go edit your $JBOSS_HOME/server/default/conf/jboss-log4j.xml
          Find the CONSOLE appender and set the threshold to DEBUG.

          But this is not recommended since JBoss AS has a lot of debug log statements. Another way is to set log level in your application to INFO.

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            Terry Apprentice

            thanks. I was using log.debug in try catch block to expecting it print exception stack trace. I guess I will need to specifically print stack trace in catch block when needed and keep AS logging to info.