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    Problem with encoding characters on user interface

    gar jar Newbie

      I work with jboss-seam-2.0.0.BETA1, jboss-4.2.1.GA.
      On a xhtml the applicattion searchs on db depending on h:inputText
      Messages works correctly. The problem is that the application works on spanish lenagauge with characters as í á ñ...
      Words located on messages.properties are shown correctly on application.
      When the user type on h:inputText word as garcía , and press button search, the h:inputText, changes garcía to garcÃa. Xhtml is enoding as UTF-8.

      <s:decorate template="layout/display.xhtml">
      <ui:define name="label">#{messages.empleado_nif}</ui:define>
      <h:inputText id="nif" value="#{empleadoList.empleado.nif}"/>

      What should I do?