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    Bussines logic : separate service?

    Tomas Cerny Novice

      Dear friends,

      I have discussion question. I am to build architecture for large web application under Seam 2. We already have good back-end from first application version using Hibernate, Spring, JSF + trinidad (navigation uses pageFlowScope).
      In existing version we separated service with service locater pattern(facade), so we have nice layers.

      I read two books about Seam and went through JBoss tutorial on web. It seems that general approach in Seam is to put all bussines logic into session beans. So session bean takes care about Authorization, Conversations, Bussines and View. It seems to me that there is too many things in. Isn't it better to separate service into a special session beans that will handle service? this beans will act as service locator.

      What do you think? maybe I am missing something important in my consideration.

      I will be happy for every opinion.