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    Seam DVD Store Demo is not working

    Kurt Olsen Newbie


      The Seam DVD Store demo is not allowing me to create an account, thus I can't show it to my manager - and I can't sell Seam if the demo's are broken!

      I get an error page when attempting to create a new account. Also, the booking demo has been stable for demo purposes but the dvdstore has bugged out every time I've tried to use it over the last six months?

      Is it just me or can others confirm this?


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          Norman Richards Master

          You should demo the current versions of the examples (they are in the examples directory) on your own box, not the older versions that are online.

          I'm sorry about the problems with the demos, but we don't directly control those machines anymore. In fact, I don't even have access to relaunch the JBoss instance now. In this particular case, I can see from the logs that the app is having problems connecting to the database. It's using mysql (the db is also outside of our control) whereas the booking app is using the embedded database, so it's not having the same issues.

          I'd like to see those demo apps go away. If we can't properly maintain the apps, we really shouldn't put them up for others to use.

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            Pete Muir Master

            +1 to getting rid of them or getting someone to give us the access we need.