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    bookmarkable and friendly url's

    Ricardo Marques Novice

      Hi guys

      I know that seam enhances JSF, but does seam handle bookmarkable url', i remenber that if faces it a bit complicated deal with it because the pamateres are hidden and there is no easy bean initialization, also usually during a postback a page losses his parameters.

      Does seam enhances this model, or the same "issues" exist on seam?

      I'm asking this because bookmarkable and friendly url's are a requirement for my application, and i'm wondering is seam is the right choice?

      thanks in advanced

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          Pete Muir Master

          Yes, Seam adds to JSF and provides very good support for RESTful urls (i.e. bookmarkable). Take a look at it's support for page parameters" and s:link. The blog example shows this off too.

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            Andy Gibson Novice

            I know the s:link and s:button controls append params to the URL using page params, but is there any way to do it for the h:commandButton control, or the ajaxy submits from Richfaces? Bearing in mind the s:link/button controls don't post the forms so they are useless for data entry submitters.

            The docs only really mention page parameters from the perspective of a non-interactive page (i.e. bookmarkable search results), but I imagine most people want them on interactive pages. Even if a page is read only with multiple tabs, it seems the tab click events kill the param in the URL.

            I thought (and I could be wrong) that this problem could be worked around by switching from using @RequestParameter to using the id getters and setters on the EntityHome object for example and then the param was always in the URL?

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              Pete Muir Master

              commandButton submits the form using POST. Therefore no. This is something that needs addressing at the JSF spec level.