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    Converters scope

    Adam Warski Master


      a default scope for @Converter bean is, as I noticed, event. I'm not sure if what I'm describing here is a Seam or Facelets bug, but my first bet would be on the fact that if a bean is event-scoped then there is at most one instance created for a request.

      My problem was as follows: I have a converter, declared using @Converter and @Name. This converter has an attribute, so I created a tag to be able to put the attribute as a tag attribute, as described here: https://facelets.dev.java.net/nonav/docs/dev/docbook.html#taglib-create-converter.

      Now, if I have the tag more than once on the page, the bean attribute, during conversion, is always set to the value of the attribute in the last tag on the page.

      I solved this problem by declaring the converter to have a stateless scope. No idea if this is the "correct" way --- but maybe it's worth mentioning in the manual.