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    h:selectOneMenu performance - any suggestions?

    Damian Harvey Master

      I've got a drop down with a list of all Countries (246). This is taking too long to render on my page (roughly 4 seconds).

      I've tried 4 different options:
      1. Using s:selectItems and s:convertEntity
      2. Using f:selectItems populated at login (session scoped)
      3. Using a static list of f:selectItem(s) with primitive values that I ui:include
      4. Using plain HTML

      1, 2 & 3 all take about 4 seconds to render. HTML takes about 1 second. So this isn't a Seam problem - it's a JSF rendering issue.

      I've tried using s:cache but I can't get it to work with drop-downs (can you even do this?). It works fine with text.

      Can anyone suggest a way to speed up selectOneMenu?