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    Problems ending long running conversation

    Bill Alexander Newbie

      We have been trying to end conversations, and then immediately begin them, with little success. I am beginning to wonder if there are problems with Seam 1.2.1 GA in this area. Any advice would be welcome.

      We notice (for instance) that if we have something like this in pages.xml

      <page view-id="/a.xhtml">
      <begin-conversation join="true" />
      <navigation from-action="#{myBean.myAction}">
      <redirect view-id="/b.xhtml" />

      <page view-id="/b.html">
      <begin-conversation join="true" />

      that when someone navigates from page a via myBean.myAction to b, that the conversation really doesn't end - neither the conversation-id nor the conversation context is changed by the above (except for perhaps by myBean.myAction). Is this the expected behavior? If so, how does one get a new conversation in this case?

      Bill Alexander