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    Using fine-grained pages.xml

    Chris Simons Expert

      Seam wizards,

      I'm using the Seam 1.21GA documentation as a guide for breaking out a lengthy pages.xml into single, page specific files.

      According to the documentation, I am to break out each file into their given view-id and append .page.xml.

      Therefore, I have added:

      I have stripped out the corresponding page definition from pages.xml and placed into each fine-grained file. Likewise, I removed the "view-id" parameter from each fine-grained page file.

      Here is what that same fine-grained file now looks like:

      <!DOCTYPE pages PUBLIC
       "-//JBoss/Seam Pages Configuration DTD 1.2//EN"
       <page conversation-required="true" no-conversation-view-id="/admin/da/moduleAdmin.xhtml">
       <begin-conversation nested="true" join="false"/>
       <navigation from-action="#{adminValueManager.findValuesByCategory}">
       <redirect view-id="/admin/da/valueAdmin.xhtml"/>

      However, after doing so, page definitions are no longer working. Have I done something wrong? Should the fine-grained files actually go under /resources/WEB-INF? If so, the documentation may need to describe this in more detail.

      Thanks for taking a look - hope someone has an tip for me to look at.