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    Different conversations id  or cid

    carlos inigo Newbie

      I have the following problem:

      When I press create button in my pojo BoletaList.xhtml this is the following url that seams sends:


      How I can see it starts a conversation with cid = 2.

      Then in this BoletaEdit.xhtml page I hace a select button to go to another page to select another object that is necesary to create the Boleta.

      When I press the button I saw the the conversation changes:


      How I can see seams starts automatically a new conversation with cid = 3 (so it is different from the other id).

      Then when I select the object I come back to the BoletaEdit.xhtml but with the last conversationid as follow:


      The problem is that if I relaizaed some changes during converstion id = 2 (filling the simple Boleta fields) , these changes don't appear in conversation id = 3 .

      How can I resolve this issue???