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    Project planning and roadmap

    Randall Hauch Master

      I've captured some of the larger feature requests as JIRA issues, so please check out the project's roadmap.
      If there's a feature you'd like to work on (or are working on), please assign it to yourself.

      Release 0.1 should be wrapping up soon. More than half of the outstanding issues are close to being done, and the remaining few aren't involved.

      Release 0.2 will be focusing on the federation engine, but we'll add some sequencers. The scope of this release is still not well defined, so certainly some additional features and issues will be targeted here. We'll be shooting for another 12-ish week release, so we want to keep the scope focused.

      Release 0.3 will be scheduled for mid-October, and right now the scope for this release is pretty open to ideas. We could continue to enhance the federation capabilities, add more sequencers, or start on some of the other functionality (views, REST, web app, etc.).