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    Is seam portable?

    Julien Martin Expert

      I tried to deploy a seam application under Glassfish and Geronimo but to no avail. I later read that "Seam was targeted at Jboss AS".
      Do you plan to make it portable to other ASs?

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          Pete Muir Master

          Have you taken a look at the jee example - that runs under Glassfish (as do the hibernate and jpa examples, and the other examples can of course be made to run under glassfish). I don't believe we currently have an example for geronimo.

          We are currently working on documenting running Seam apps on other app servers (e.g. Seam 2 docs have a section for OC4J, more to come like that) and are in the process of setting up a QA lab/staff to test Seam on app servers other than JBoss AS.