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    Overriding SeamPhaseListener, still possible in Seam 2?

    Rob Jellinghaus Novice

      In Seam 1.2 and prior, you could specify your own PhaseListener in faces-config.xml, which could delegate to SeamPhaseListener internally. I relied on this when doing the Seam/GWT/JSF integration demoable here:


      Seam 2.0.0 installs SeamPhaseListener internally, so this overriding isn't possible, with tragic consequences for my stuff:


      Is there any way around this? If there were, it would be a quick fix, which would make my life rather better right now.

      I suspect that the right thing would actually be to refactor the GWTJSF code so that it can optionally use the Seam resource servlet, and to tweak the GWTToSeamAdapter slightly to let it use a component name that is not necessarily the same as the service interface name. Then the GWTJSF code could go through almost the same remoting path as the current GWT remoting example, which would obviously be a win. But getting that to work is going to be moderately hairy.

      Anyway, all thoughts appreciated.