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    Calling a JBPM Process from a Webservice


      How can I begin a JBPM Task from a Seam webservice? The taskId is bieng passed in as a param to the webservice, however I don't see a way to let Seam know to use this taskId? Any ideas?

      @WebService(name = "TaskService", serviceName = "TaskService")
      public class AuctionService implements AuctionServiceRemote
       public boolean approveTask(long taskId)
       //I need to set the taskId somehow so that the BusinessProcess
       //Interceptor knows to use it.
       AddressService addressService = (AddressService) Component.getInstance(AddressService.class, true);
      public class AddressServiceBean implements AddressService,Serializable {
       public void changeAddress() {
       //do stuff here

      Thanks in advance!
      Cameron Ingram

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