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    Extinding Seam Built-in components and the "plugin architect

    Daoud AbdelMonem Faleh Newbie


      First, Congrats for the the new release! Great Job Folks!

      Well, am in the early stage of a new project, having identified some requirements, I do believe Seam will fit in there like magic. Other requirements are integration with an ESB, at the moment am lil bit familiar with openesb and servermix, I'll have a look at JBossESB, other requirement is some BI stuff in the application.
      I think it would be great if i furnish those functionalities as Seam Built-in components to my team. That would be a great commodity to free them from infrastructure coding and focus on business value of the application in the same Seam spirit.

      Here are the questions:
      1- Is extending Seam Built-in component the *better* way to go?
      2- What qualifies a component to become a -Built-In or available by default- (think of the static instance() method) one?
      3- Is @Install annotation relevant to my thoughts?
      4- Is there any guide/docs/examples to extending Seam (that would profit Seam if users start contributing components)

      Finally Gavin in his InfoQ interview talked about some plugin architecture developed for the Seam wiki. Can anyone write some docs about this architecture and how to implement it in a Seam Application?

      Best Regards
      Daoud AbdelMonem Faleh

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          Pete Muir Master

          1) extending Seam components is recommended practice (but I don't understand what you are asking it is better than)
          2) All components are equal in Seam (well some have a higher precedence than others), even the ones in Seam core.
          3) @Install allows you to run the @Create method on Application and Session scoped components when the application/session starts
          4) No different than building Seam components for your app (perhaps we need a bit of docs on this as it is an FAQ).

          We have no docs for the plugin stuff yet, no.