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    Seam CR2 (need to update soon, I know...) - Webservice Probl

    Gerhard Balthasar Newbie

      Hi folks,

      I'm just profiling my Seam EE App at the moment and I cannot believe what's going on here...

      I have some simple WebService like:

      @WebContext(contextRoot = "/DPSPrintingServices")
      public class PrintProcessorService extends AbstractWebService implements
       PrintProcessorWebService {
       private Log log;
       @WebResult(name = "available")
       public boolean isAvailable() {
       log.debug("isAvailable(): called");
       try {
       return true;
       } catch (Throwable t) {
       log.warn("Throwable while isAlive(): ", t);
       return false;
      (Nothing special in abstract super class, just I few helpers not needed for isAvailable())

      Everytime the WebService is being called, JProfilers shows me that references to ConversationEntries and Session have been opened but are never closed again.

      So every WS-Call opens a new Websession and thus a conversation but doesn't close it? Is this correct? I need a 24/7 reliable app without any reference/memory leeks of course... Do I need to annotate WS-Methods with @Begin or @End?

      I would really appriciate your help. Maybe this is solved for GA, but I haven't seen a Jira or Forum Post around.

      Greetz GHad