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    Modular pluggable components application

    asaf sh Expert


      I'm trying to build an application platform which all of its layers can be affected by pluggable components,

      I assume such a design could be achieved if each component (in my example seam component) can be affected by some kind of external packages,

      There are few problems I see around this design,

      First of all, I'm not sure if seam can help here, and if there are any assistance for affecting a component behaviors externally,

      JavaEE, its packaging design does not support such a model, OSGI model could fit here exactly but I can't see how this is done in jboss without using external platforms, probably archiving a jar per component can partially solve the problem, but I guess these jars must be apart of the application and configuration descriptors must be modified when new components being deployed.

      Nuxeo (OSS ecm) created a runtime platform which implements an OSGI model for JavaEE(especially Jboss app server), but I'm trying to find some more natural solution,

      Well, I guess this is not only a seam question, but having a discussion about how seam can help in designing such an application could be interesting :-)