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    Can I use seam to fix my url redirect problem that JSF is ca

    The Kurgan Newbie

      Right now I have written a JSF application that makes use of a bunch of treenode components on a jsp page. When I click on one of the tree node components then it will execute the treeNode action and display results in a results.jsp file via page navigation.

      This resulting page has a url in the address bar similar to this:


      This is where my problem is. I can't copy/paste that URL into a new window and get the results(no action fired). The start page actually is what is rendered. I have a monitoring tool that I HAVE to use that can post URL's and determine success/failure based upon the http response. Obviously since that URL that I posted redirects to the start page then this whole application is about to be trashed.

      Can Seam solve my problem here and if so could you provide a brief description on how to accomplish this? I have watched several tutorials on Seam today and read some docs, but I am still a little unclear if/how Seam will solve my problem.


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          The Kurgan Newbie

          Hard to believe someone could not answer this simple question. I warn other who read this post to stay far away from Seam and actually just JBoss in general.

          The documentation for embedding JBoss into Tomcat is wrong as I have follwed it perfectly, but it does not work and has actually jacked up my Tomcat installation.

          There are so many other problems I have found with JBoss cr*p that I can say for sure that I won't be using JBoss products ever in any of my dev projects. I see why this forum is so active with all the problems with only this one JBoss product :)

          P.S. Even this website is extremely slow. I assume it can only be due to JBoss empowerment. I'll stick with proven technologies such as WAS and Tomcat. Great support guys!!!

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            orhan yilmaz Newbie

            in http we have some methods two of them are most knowns. GET and POST your treenodes posts the data and other page may accepts only post requests. you have to know a lot more things about JSF life cycle or you have to handle GET requests manually.