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    XHTML Performance

    Monkey Den Master

      I have been profiling our Seam 1.2 (XHTML) application using JProfiler and have discovered an obscene number of HashMap$Entry objects on the heap (typically about 7-8 million). Not withstanding the possibility that this is the most common data structure in a web container/application, I suspect that much of it comes from XHTML. I say this because I can easily reproduce it in the Seam Blog example (XHTML) but cannot in the Seam Messages example (JSP).

      We're hosting on 64bit so we get more than 3GB of heap, however, during peak times transactions begin to timeout and the application fails to respond. It recovers for a short time but the threshold for recurrence is much lower.

      I'm sure there are ways we can tweak our existing middleware to increase performance and decrease the footprint but this seems to be the most acute issue we have right now.

      Can anyone share experiences or suggestions on this topic or is it the cost of using XHTML?