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    How to manage page via new popup window?

    Stateless Bean Novice

      Here is my structure in page folder
      /Universum <- project
      /Universum/tutorial <- tutorial

      On main page I got index.html
      and link to open new popuped window

      <a href="#" id="rollover5" onclick="window.open('/Universum/tutorial/tutorial.seam', 'aaa', 'menubar=yes,toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,scrollbars=yes,resizable=no,fullscreen=no,channelmode=no,width=800,height=600').focus(); return false" title="StarGate Universum #{messages['mainPage.title.faq']}" />

      to open new popup and file

      and here I get problem. How to declare link to my page in new window, but from new window?!

      /Universum/tutorial/tutorial.xhtml - template
      /Universum/tutorial/page.xhtml = page

      /Universum/tutorial/page.seam is visible from main page, but not from popup

      /Universum/tutorial/page.xhtml is visible from main page, but popup is not opened but browser want to download this file.