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    large application

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      hi -

      i am wondering how big (user count wise) can jboss/seam applications get. can anyone care to comment on how many people he/she is serving on what kind of hardware?

      if you were to build next facebook, expect 50+ million of people, would you go with jboss/seam, or simpler lamp stack?

      if jboss/seam, what would be the key considerations/decisions on the architecture? any DOs, DONTs?


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          Siarhei Dudzin Apprentice

          Hard to say as companies that do use seam hesitate to publish any info. And there aren't that many public site that are built with seam (except http://in.relation.to/Bloggers may be).

          When I switched from plain jsf/facelets to seam/facelets my performance increased due to usage of conversations (I didn't want to use session and had to use request scope more often than I wanted).
          What you have to be concerned is memory leaks as those are harder to detect and it's actually dependent on your project just as much as on the production-readyness of seam version you're using.

          From what I understand the Seam development team would gladly look at any memory leaking issues for as long as you provide them with the data :)
          Besides if you want to start project that I would consider getting commercial support...