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    Just curious - Am I out of my mind?

    Patrick Madden Newbie


      I have a legacy java service/application code that runs on Windows Vista/XP etc. It uses embedded tomcat 6.0.14 providing a top notch servlet container in addition to JSP/HTML support and everything else tomcat provides.

      I also have a new Seam 2.0.0.GA/RichFaces app running on standard JBossAS-4.2.2.GA with JBoss 2.0 native web services that communicates with my legacy application.

      I wanted to to add EJB/Seam/JNDI support etc to my legacy application and after a few days of work it is fully functional.

      Now I have my "legacy" J2E application with embedded tomcat and embedded jboss with Seam 2.0/RichFaces running. It's fully functional and authenticates against active directory using LdapExtLoginModule.

      I'm wondering if anyone else actually has done what I've done. I think its very cool to be able to have a standard java application with abilities to support servlets (via tomcat etc) as well as embedded JBoss and Seam while still providing a full desktop gui on the machine its actually running on. For remote clients they can see my richfaces/seam GUI with many options of how to communicate with the app.

      Just Curious,

      Thanks in advance,