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    Scope for starting page

    Marcus Schmidke Newbie

      Sorry for the lot of posts from me. Perhaps today is not one of my best days.

      In the last days, I wrote some conversation scoped pages, this was very successful.

      Today I want to write an entrance page which displays a couple of objects from the database and gives some links to edit some different details of those objects. Every link should start a conversation with one of the aforementioned pages, and I get nothing to work.

      Which is the right scope for the page?

      Conversation scope is not - different conversations can be started from this page.

      Session scope - perhaps. But I would like the page to be reloaded every time the user navigates to it. Session scope would cache the objects for the complete user session.

      Stateless scope - no. The objects which were load during rendering should still be there during action.

      Perhaps Page scope? I tried. SFSB may not be Page scoped. Hm. Ok, let's try a Java Bean.

      But this does not work. State is not held from one request to the next. Don't understand.

      Ok, to get at least some base functionality up, turned back to Session scope. But then the Seam extended persistence context does not work? Only the first request in a session to the starting page works, every subsequent request gives me back my LazyInitializationExceptions (which previously had completely disappeared since I tried Seam)

      What I want is exactly described in chapter 3.1.3 "Page context", but I do not get it running. Are there any examples about usage of the Page context?

      Thank you for your patience ... if.