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    beginning with seam (deployment)

    valerio pappalardo Newbie

      I am a beginner with Jboss and I would like to develop a web site running on Jboss. I'd like to use seam framework (for authentication, user registration, dynamic menu, mysql DB access, managing user registration data...). Does seam fit my needs? Should I use other technologies/framework interacting with seam?

      One more question:
      Seams requires Jboss 4.2, JDK 5 and Ant. Do I require all that for developing in my enviroment. But do I need that also in the real web server (jboss) where i simply want to deploy my application? would I be able to simpy built a war file (containig needed libraries) to be hot deployed in a jboss server (with no need of installing/modifing jboss config)?