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    Navigator doesn't render an image  using <s:graphicImage>

    Juan Manuel Pache Marconell Newbie

      Hello, i have a problem when i try to render an image using seam 2.0 and <s:graphicImage>. Navigator doesn't render rightly it. The code is as fellow:

      Upload the image:
       <h:outputText value="Foto" />
       <s:decorate> <s:fileUpload id="foto" data="#{cliente.foto}" accept="images/png,images/jpg" required="false"> </s:fileUpload> <h:message id="Foto" for="foto" />
      Render the image:
       <s:graphicImage rendered="#{user.foto ne null}" value="#{user.foto}"> <s:transformImageSize width="200" height="200">
       </s:transformImageSize> </s:graphicImage>

      Please, i will appreciate any help about this issue