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    ExtendedDataModel's Grouping

    Alireza Salimi Newbie


      My problem is that I want to take the control of the grouping of
      data in ExtendedDataTables (the default grouping is not suitable for
      data came from DataBase). In another post some friend suggested
      that It is possible to do this by extending DataModel, so I've
      searched source code of UIExtendedDataTable and other related
      components like UIDataTable, but I have not been able to find the
      code where grouping takes place. Does someone know where - in
      source java codes - the grouping of data has been implemented.

      I, also have another question (less important). It seems that some
      java files do not exist in source of richfaces, i.e. HtmlExtendedDataTable.java. I guess that these files are created
      dynamically or something like it. Is it true?