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    Should MethodContextInterceptor use a non-event triggering c

    Kahli Burke Newbie

      I've been doing some profiling of our application, and finding in some cases that a considerable amount of time per request (> 500 ms) is being taken up by event triggering and handling.

      When I look at the main source of the events, they appear to come from the MethodContextInterceptor, which sets variables in the method context (an instance of BasicContext). I can understand the desire for pre and post set/get events, but I'm wondering if they are necessary in this case. The way it is now, each component method call results in 10 events being triggered. When we have a component method that is called repeatedly, such as in a JSF control, this really adds up.

      I looked through the Seam source code, and I didn't see anything that relies on preSetVariable/postSetVariable.

      My proposal would be a non-event triggering context that does exactly what the BasicContext does, with the exception of the event firing. This could be the superclass to BasicContext.

      Any thoughts?