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    Trying to understand transactions

    João Bosco Monteiro Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I am using Seam 1.2 GA + JSF + Apache 6 and I got some problems in handling transactions. I tried hard to find when Seam opens, commit and flushes an transaction during a request without success.

      Why Seam commits/flushes a transcation when I do em.find(clazz,id) ?

      I have a transient object (an user instance) inside a managed object (Issue instance, for example), so I need to get a managed user instance, for that, I use em.find and I got a really nice Transient Object Exception because someone tryies to flush the transction during em.find.

      You could think that I only need to do merge() instead of trying to find() but in my case, the user instance will be always transient because it cames from a legacy system and if it exists in my system I have to merge otherwise I have to insert it.

      I solved this problem setting manual flush mode but it is too boring to work with.

      Other problem I have is undesirable commits after Ajax requests causing transient object exception.

      Anyone knows how to solve these questions in a better way ?