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    ThemeSelector and ConversationContext

    Ben Pezzei Newbie


      I have 2 themes configured in the components.xml

      <theme:theme-selector cookie-enabled="false" scope="conversation" >

      and start from the main-page a conversation:

      <s:link action="#{login.login(1)}" value="classic" propagation="begin"/>
      <s:link action="#{login.login(2)}" value="modern" propagation="begin"/>

      In the action-method i read out the themeSelector-Object and set either the classic oder modern theme. This all works fine, but if open the first link in a tab and then the second link in another tab, switch back to the first tab, navigate around from there, i get the second - theme (the latest). The ConversationContext is still ok (every tab has its own context).

      So my question would be if it is possible to use conversation-based themes. If yes, an example would be great. I tried around with either setting the scope in the theme-selector-tag in components.xml but had no luck. also enabling/disabling the cookie-tag in there didn't work.

      any help appreciated

      tnx & greetings