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    By clicking every row of dataTable, show Popup to edit it's

    Mohammad Dashti Newbie

      I'm making an application with Jboss Seam , but now I have a problem.

      I have a page that contains a dataTable and in every row of dataTable I have a link that selects that row and you can edit hat row when you click on it. (something like what seam-gen produces when you use generate-entities). and also making new records in the pop up window.

      but now I don't like the navigation through pages and backing to the first page again, because my users may be confused.

      now I want to pop up a window to do this approach.

      I have 2 ways:
      1. using the rich:ModalPanel but using this, I should make a modal panel for every row of dataTable and it increases the size of the page. (very bad !!)
      but if I had a solution that could load the content of needed rich:ModalPanel at runtime , my problem will be solved. Is there a way to solve this?

      and also, if I don't think about the page size, I don't know how to load the page I want, with my desired parameters.

      2. using a pop up window, but the problem of this approach is, when popping up a windows, first I don't know how to tell that page to open with my parameters to edit the desired record. and second, I don't know how can I tell parent page, when the child page is closed and refresh some part of the page (maybe dataTable) when the edit is completed.

      Please help me!