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    What are the benefits of using Session Beans instead of POJO

    Caleb Land Newbie

      I've done a lot of reading about Seam, and I was wondering what the benefits are to using Session beans as my action beans.

      From what I've read, even if I were to use Session beans, I wouldn't use many of their features anyway as Seam implements its own that work better within the context of the Seam framework:

      @EJB vs @In
      @PersistenceContext vs @In
      Seam managed transactions vs CMTs

      From reading the user guide it sounds like using the EJB equivalent of those features has limitations, and it would be better to use the Seam stuff.

      I remember reading about Seam a year ago, and all the talk was about Session beans, and so many of the examples use Session beans, but those beans could easily be replaced by POJOs without losing any functionality.

      Are there any benefits to using Session beans instead of POJOs?