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    seam-gen : list.xhtml - Create Button issue

    gonzalad Apprentice


      When using seam-gen (2.0.0) I have the following issue : in list page, button 'Create entity' can disappear.

      To reproduce the problem, you'll need 2 associated entities (i.e. @ManyToOne) :
      1 - navigate to entity A list.
      2 - click 'Create entity A' button.
      3 - click 'Select entity B' button.
      4 - on entity B edit page, just click on the menu link 'Entity A List'
      5 - you're back to 'Entity A List' page, but the 'Create entity A' button just disappeared.

      This issue is because Create button is rendered only if 'from' parameter is empty :

      <s:div styleClass="actionButtons" rendered="#{empty from}">

      This isn't the case in interaction 4->5.

      I've just modified menu.xhtml to force from parameter to '' and it resolves this issue :
      changed from
      <s:link view="/CustomerList.xhtml"
       value="Customer List"

      to :
      <s:link view="/CustomerList.xhtml"
       value="Customer List"
       <f:param name="from" value=""/>

      Should I raise a JIRA ? Or have I misunderstood sthing ?

      Thank you