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    Nested conversation - same Persistence Context?

    Marcus Schmidke Newbie

      Seam 2.0 GA

      I became very accustomed to manually flushed persistence contexts as suggested in chapter 8.3.3.

      Now, for the first time, I want to use a nested conversation.

      I have one page for editing an object. This page is conversation scoped with flushMode=MANUAL.

      Now I want to write a second page on which some further detail may be edited. For this subpage I want to use a nested conversation context.

      The idea is when the user cancels the subpage, on the edit page everything should be like before opening the subpage, and when the user cancels the edit page, no changes should be written into DB.

      But it seems that the subpage has the same persistence context as the edit page (the parent conversation context). This is not good, because every change the user makes in the subpage is immediately visible to the parent page.

      Am I doing something wrong? Is there any solution for this?