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    Link a user with the entities he/she created

    Emmanuel Rousselle Newbie


      I'm fairly new the Seam and looking for some advice on achieving the following:

      Some tables (entities) in my application contain data that must be associated with the user that created the record.

      I got the part where the entities are annotated properly to describe the 1 to * relationship.

      The question I have is which one of the two following approaches Seam veterans would recommend to use (or if neither are appropriate, what's the alternative).

      Approach A would be to override the "persist" method in entityHome such as:

      public class myEntityHome extends EntityHome<MyEntity>
       User user; // That's the entity with the user's data
       public String persist() {
       this.getInstance().setSubmitter(user); // Recording who created this using the entity's setter
       return super.persist();

      Approach B would be to handle this in an "action" bean.