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    Entity association reflection issue

    Neville Harrison Newbie


      I have generated an application using seam-gen (via the JBoss Tools) to an SQL server database that contains two tables: S_Application and S_Application_History. The S_Application_History table has a foreign key mapping to S_Application.

      Seam-gen creates corresponding SApplication, SApplicationHome, SApplicationHistory and SApplicationHistoryHome objects.

      The generated application fails with "PropertyNotFound" errors which seem to be related to the generated method names. Specifically, we have foundthat the double initial capital letter causes problems.

      For example, when trying to traverse the association such as

      a "PropertyNotFoundException" occurs. This traversal corresponds to

      In this example, if we change "getSApplication" to "getApp" (and change the corresponding code in the other relevant places) then the traversal works OK. ie the method name does not have two consective capital letters.

      This seems to be a bug.