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    Conversation problem

    Stateless Bean Novice


      My scenario:
      I got menu in page: Order, Search, ...etc.
      When user goes into "Order" i start new nested conversation and here when user click on other link in menu like "Search" I want to ask him "Do you really want to exit?".

      If yes I destroy conversation of my order and go to other page,
      If not I want to go back to my order page and my conversation.

      So far i done this:
      in xhtml body, i added declaration unload to show new popup window.

      <body onunload="page_exit();">

      and here is my function
      function page_exit() {
       var r=confirm("Do you want to exit order?");
       if (r==true) {
       else {
       window.location.href = "http://localhost:8080/app/pages/order.seam";

      And here is my trouble:
      How can I go back to my existing conversation and return my page?