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    skin and <param<paramValue>

    Matthew na Newbie


      I've noticed that there are some new cool skins at richfaces demo site (i.e. laguna). I tried to use it, but with no success - every time "No skin with name 'laguna' found" (or similar) exception is thrown.

      I'm using RichFaces 3.3.0.GA. What should I pass instead of '???' for laguna skin in my web.xml?


      for blueSky its:

      ,but for default: (yes, uppercase, where is any logic here? ;) )

      What about i.e. Glass-X? Where is the source I can find proper values for skins to set in <param-value>? I found something in documentation, but it seems to be outdated (there are only a half of all now available skins).