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    Seam outputlink and page navigation

    Stateless Bean Novice


      I got menu in my page and to navigation I use s:link, but s:link generates cid=xx number, and I need to user simple link in menu to maange then via js.
      (In one page I need to change href for some links)

      I thougth to use <h:outputLink to create simple link and call action when user click on it.

      Here is my code:

      <h:outputLink id="linkNewOrder" action="#{ordersAction.orders}">

      My question is:
      1. how can I call this action from my bean, at now nothink is called when I click on it?
      2. How can I navigate user to other page?
      I added this to my pages.xml and this not working for outputLink
       <navigation from-action="#{ordersAction.orders}">
       <redirect view-id="/pages/new_order.xhtml"/>

      3. Is to possible to call action via outputLink and navigate user to other page?