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    Reusing pages for different page flows?

    whafrog Newbie

      The answer is probably simple, but I'm having trouble reusing pages for different flows.

      I want to define two possible modes:

      1. Edit mode: select criteria --> edit stuff --> review/confirm

      2. View mode: select criteria --> review

      The view mode shares the first and last pages of the edit mode. How do I keep track of which mode?

      I've tried using two <s:link>s on a menu each with their own <f:param> to send a request parameter. The action class picks it up and sees it, but if the user starts, say, an edit mode conversation, and halfway through starts a view mode conversation, the original mode setting is retained. What I'd really like to do (in this case) is kill the edit mode conversation, and start a fresh view mode conversation.

      Any good examples of this out there?