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    Recommendation: Filter, Servlet or tag

    Marius Oancea Novice

      I have a field read from db that contains some HTML and I have to display this field. The HTML contans things like : "..... ...". All images are in a db table with 3 fields:

      id - e.g. ./MyImages/img1.jpg
      data (blob)

      I see 3 ways to implement this:
      - create a Filter that find all such img tags in the page and recognize the images starting with ./MyImages. The filter stores the images in the GraphicImageStore and replace the URL with the seam url to retrive the image from store.

      - make a servlet mapped to "MyImages". Servlet will access the dao to retrieve the data from db.

      - create a tag similar to seamtext that receive a text and make all the necesarry steps (parse, store imgs in ImageStore, replace the IMG tags with calls to the img store).

      Any other