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    Must use "disabled" attribute instead of "rendered" for pane

    John Tsimikas Newbie

      Is anyone experiencing this problem?

      If I take a panelGrid which contains input components.
      Under some conditions I do not want to render the panelGrid and all the components it holds, so I use the rendered attribute for this purpose.

      If the rendered attribute is used, it seems that the components' values never actually call the appropriate setters.

      Now the rendered attribute does correctly render or not render the panelGrid based on the el expression, so that part works fine.
      However the submitted data never gets set. The setter on the server does not seem to get called.

      If I replace the rendered with a disabled attribute (and reverse the logic of the el expression). Now the submital of data works and the setters are called.

      Asthetically though, I would prefer to hide the panelGrid rather than disable each component indvidually and present disabled components
      to the end user.

      So, I am missing something? Can I use rendered attribute on panelGrid?
      I think the same thing also applies to a dataTable.