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    Duplicate calls to functions

    German Castro Newbie

      I have al tree:

       <rich:tree switchType="ajax"
       style="width:300px" value="#{bean.tree}" var="item"
       <rich:treeNode type="client" icon="img/clientIcon.png" iconLeaf="img/clientIcon.png">
       <h:outputText value="#{item.client.name}"/>
       <rich:treeNode type="local" icon="img/localIcon.png" iconLeaf="img/localIcon.png" >
       <s:link value="#{item.local.name}" view="/areaSelect.xhtml" target="selectFrame"/>
       <rich:treeNode type="area" icon="img/areaIcon.png" iconLeaf="img/areaIcon.png">
       <s:link value="#{item.area.name}" view="/indSelect.xhtml" target="selectFrame"/>

      The bean.tree function always return the whole tree.

      When i see the tree page and when i open a tree node, seam calls more than one time the function bean.tree

      Some times the this do 2 calls, and other times do MANY calls, depends of tree attributes. But always the function is called more than one time.

      Somebody can explain me why?